Are you uncertain if it’s a good time to sell your home?  Go into rented?  Rent your property out?

Good job we are here to make sense of it all for you!


 The current market is still very buoyant, in March the housing market reached an absolute peak where properties were selling as quickly as we could get the For Sale signs up, for six weeks it felt very much like the market of old pre-2007.  Buyers we paying a premium for properties as there was a shortage coming onto the market and the media was constantly reporting that property prices were going up and that buyers were going to be priced out of the market.


In came the new mortgage requirements in April 2014 .  With these came more stringent requirements for buyers to adhere to in order to be approved for a mortgage.  We are finding that although nine out of ten buyers are still getting approved without many issues or hitches.  However, the buyers that are being selected at random for screening are being screened on ever aspect including the lender questioning cash withdrawals from up to three months ago!


The main obstical we are finding in the current market is that although buyers are being approved Mortgage lenders are down valuing properties more often than not, it’s very important for your property to be marketed and sold at the right price.  There is no point in receiving an over inflated valuation which you base your figures from only to be down valued at the final point.

Having the right estate agent has never been more important

 Why choose us?  I think what stands us out from the rest of the estate agents in our area is the personal service we provide to clients.  How many friends who have sold their home have had the mobile numbers to directors in the company who will ‘hand hold’ and guide the seller throughout the whole process?  We stand for experience, having worked through the boom, the market crash, the plateau and now the improved market of 2014 we know how to work the market and constantly adapt our makreting techniques.


We don’t put a for sale board outside your house and hope for the best, we use Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs, mailers and hot list telephone shots from our extensive database to ensure we put your property out to every kind of buyer to ensure you get the very best price for your property.


Now is still a very good time to rent your property.  With a real shortage of properties on the market for rent we are finding an extremely fast turn around on properties, we are finding quality tenants for properties within days.

If you are interested in selling or renting your property then call us.


Home owners in Rawdon, Guiseley, Yeadon and surrounding areas will receive a free valuation from Managing Director Jeremy Harris who has been renting and selling properties for over fifteen years.


Alwoodley, Moortown, Chapel Allerton, Meanwood, Adel, Roundhay and Oakwood will receive a free valuation from Associate Director Elissia Drummond who has been selling and renting properties for fourteen years.


Hugo Kiss

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