Some years ago in the ‘boom’ it was the practise for Estate Agents to give vendors an over eager valuation on their house or apartment purely to win the instruction. In the market prior to 2007 when it was very much a ‘sellers market’ this mattered very little as properties were rarely on the market longer than a week and more often than not with more than one buyer offering on the same property.

The market however has now changed, we are very much in a ‘buyers market’, with a slow start to the year and many vendors holding off putting their home for sale until the market improved.  We are seeing a boost in the market, the hub of renewed activity from first time buyers has signified movement in what had become a stagnant market. This has brought many properties onto the market with savvy home owners wanting to take advantage of the improved market conditions.

Surprisingly some agents are still adapting old tactics and giving over inflated figures to vendors to win the instruction. This means many properties are sat stagnant on the market with little or no interest due to their price with frustrated home owners with unsatisfied high expectations.

Alan Cooke Sales and Lettings work the market in a very different way. We will only take properties on at a price we are confident that they will sell at. If a home owner suggests an unreasonable asking price which we feel it will not achieve in the current market we will tell them there and then.

We are not looking for instructions we are looking for sales….we want to get you moving. Our record speaks for itself, as you will see from our blog a couple of weeks ago we sold a property within 24 hours of marketing it.  On average each one of the properties we sold during the month of April was sold at 97% of the asking price. We want to sell homes not have large quantities of homes for sale. We review our properties on a weekly basis whilst keeping our vendors up to date with our thoughts on how the market is reacting to their property and the price it has been positioned at.

If you have had your home on the market for more than four weeks and you would like free impartial advice from local experts contact us on 2899669 to discuss your property with one of our knowledgeable team.






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