Have you booked to go to the Chelsea Flower Show?

Chelsea Flower Show – MAY 21st – 25th 2013

It’s an event that’s on the calendars of anyone with a passion for gardening.

The RHS Chelsea flower Show.  There were some real stunners last year including the awards that went for the models which are on our door step in Leeds, Roundhay park 

In 2011 an award was given for the garden in Roundhay Park Leeds is designed to celebrate the role water power played in Yorkshire’s industrial past and its new role as a source of renewable energy.

The centrepiece of the Gold Medal winning garden is a traditional Yorkshire mill with a working 3m (10ft.) water wheel.

The garden which was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show has now been rebuilt alongside the other award winning gardens in the specialist garden area just off Mansion Lane.

However if you will be relieved to know your garden doesn’t need to look like thus to interest buyers….follow these simple 5 steps to give your garden the wow factor

1             You can make a great first impression on potential buyers without breaking the bank if you pay attention to your yard or garden. With a small investment, you can patch up gaps in the lawn with lawn seed or use mulch to give a more uniform appearance under shrubbery. Adding a few flowers will give your home a more vivacious, appealing environment. Landscaping websites and garden stores can provide a wealth of information and inspiration.

2                 Sorting out the dead leafy plants from the flowering plants can make your garden look like a whole new place. Grouping all the various types of plants together makes the garden look uniformed 

3                     Neat trimmed hedges can do a world of good for your garden. Like grouping all the various plants into groups, trimming your hedges can make the garden look more uniform and less all over the shop

4                   Get rid of weeds 

5                   The front of your home is the first thing prospective homebuyers will see, so keeping it presentable is a must. If there is a yard, keep the grass to a reasonable height and, if there are trees, be sure to keep the branches under control. The path to your front door should be a clear and welcoming one, not an obstacle course




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