With the election over what does it mean for the housing market?

Well the uncertainty pre election is certainly over, the one thing people and the housing market do not like is uncertanty, there was a lot of uncertainty right up until the last minute with the election.

The following are great news for home buyers, investors, home owners and the housing market in general

INTEREST RATES – It looks like they are staying at their historic 6 year low for the foreseeable future which is great news for buyers and sellers

RENT CAPS – Thankfully this hasn’t been put into place, this could have added to the already enourmous problem of lack of affordable housing

NO MANSION TAX – The threat of the ‘masion tax’ which could have had cripiling effects right over the market has been quashed

All in all a very good result for the property market and making this an excellent time to buy and sell property

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