Are you considering the cost and upheaval of moving house, just to get your children into the best local school? If so, is it worthwhile financially?

Are you equipped with all the required information?

One of modern life’s biggest questions for parents is their children’s schooling. Where once we simply trotted along to our nearest comprehensive (grammar school or secondary modern for those old enough to remember the 11+ days), today we have choice.

We also have what has been called a ‘postcode lottery’ whereby school catchment areas, based on postcodes and not always proximity to a school, adversely impacts which school your child is offered a place at. Sometimes one side of the street can be in the catchment are for one school and the other side of the street a totally different school!

In some areas the problem has become so acute that parents are using whatever means are at their disposal to secure their offspring a place at a ‘good’ school. For some parents, wealthy enough not to worry, private education is the option. Those who are more straitened, or who believe in a state education, have a choice of playing ‘postcode lottery’, or moving house to be nearer a good school that falls in the catchment area, or renting near to the school.

Leeds is an ideal location if you are looking to place your child in one of the private schools the area has to offer.  GatewaysThe Grammar School and Moorlands School to name a few.

Leeds also has a wide verity of excellent public schools for which people move from out of the area to get their children into.  Shadwell Primary School, Meanwood COE SchoolAlwoodley Primary SchoolWigton Moor Primary School and Talbot Primary School are among the top Ofsted rated schools in the area. Roundhay School and Carr Manor School are the two new ‘through’ schools to open in Leeds where children can attend from reception right through to year thirteen.

If you’re new to the area and you are unsure of which areas fall into which catchments for schools most knowledgable agents should be able to advise you.


Are you looking to move to get your child a place in the school you would like?


Ensure before you move that the new address definitely  falls within the catchment area.


Education Leeds and Find The Best are both excellent informative tools for any advice or information you may need.

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