Simple solutions for landlords: 4 common worries – solved!


Simple solutions for landlords:

4 common worries – solved!

Here are four potential problems and their simple solutions for anyone thinking of becoming a landlord, from the  property experts at Alan Cooke Sales & Lettings

Potential problem 1: What if I can’t find a tenant?

Alan Cooke Sales & Lettings Solution:

Having your property sat empty is one of the most common worries for any new landlord.  However, in the currently buoyant rental climate, a well-presented property that is marketed correctly (and at the right price) shouldn’t be empty for very long.  We only market a property for our landlords which is ready to market (clean, tidy and in good repair) we then ensure we take excellent photographs showing the property and it’s potential to the maximum.

We also find it’s a good idea to give yourself as much marketing time as possible.  Once you know the date the property is going to be available from it is best to allow yourself four-six weeks to market the property.  We find this a more than adequate time period in which to find our landlords a suitable tenant.

Potential problem 2: I don’t have the time to manage the property myself 

Alan Cooke Sales & Lettings Solution:

 Easy!  We offer an excellent management service especially designed to take all the stress away from you.  Our rate of lets on a ‘let only basis’ has really fallen this year as apposed to our managed property ratio which has risen by 60%.  We are finding with people having busy and more demanding work loads and family life they want the peace of mind of a professional agent such as ourselves to take all the worry away for them.  CLICK HERE to see more about our comprehensive management service.

Potential problem 3: What if a tenant doesn’t look after my property? 

Alan Cooke Sales & Lettings Solution:

It is very rare to have a tenant who causes malicious damage to a property particularly if the necessary thorough checks have been carried out prior to them taking the property however regular inspections are an easy way to ensure that any problems are nipped in the bud before they become too costly to deal with.

Landlords insurance is a good way to have peace of mind as a landlord, we can advise our landlords on the best insurance for them to cover them against damage from tenants and possible loss of rent

Potential problem 4: What if I need to evict a tenant?

Alan Cooke Sales & Lettings Solution:

There are many reasons why a landlord may have to start eviction proceedings, all covered by the Housing Act.  The first port of call for a landlord should be to discuss it with their managing agent in order to ascertain the reasons, and to pinpoint the correct notice and relevant legislation

Are you looking to rent your property?  Do you have any other concerns we haven’t covered?  Give us a call on 2899669 to speak to the property experts and managing agents 








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