What are current market conditions? Is now a good time to sell?


market-statsDo you have a property to sell?  Unsure if you should hold on and see if prices go up?  

The question we get asked the most from home owners is ‘are house prices going up?  Is it a good time to sell?

So what better time than to write a blog on current market conditions!

Help to buy

helpt o buy 2

You may remember our blog on help to buy before Xmas,  click here for the article, we were discussing who the help to buy would help and how it could effect the market.  Since the beginning of January we have noticed that the sales market has been given a real boost, this is largely due to the fact that with the government’s ‘Help to Buy Scheme’ first time buyers which have been sat in rented saving are now in a position to buy a property as they can now get a mortgage.



There are excellent mortgage deals around at the moment, although not all of them will last for much longer, in fact this week the mail wrote an article asking if the best mortgage deals were already going, click here for the full article.

First Time Buyers

1st tineWe are noticing that there aren’t a massive amount of first time buyer/mid level properties coming up, so the price bracket of £150,000 – £249,000 is moving very quickly, these two properties we marketed this week in Leeds 6 sold within just one week at the full asking price!!  Holmwood Avenue  and Parkside Road 

So it a Good Time to Sell?


There is a lot of media hype at the moment of property bubbles and price increases but most figures are based on what is going on in the London Housing Market which is very different to the North.

In the current market conditions it is an excellent time to sell, with large numbers of first time buyers waiting for properties to come onto the market it is very likely that priced correctly your home will sell.  Even though the market is strong however it is imperitive you employ an expert who is going to give you reasonable professional advice.  Now is not the time to overprice properties as even if they sell mortgage companies are being extremely cautious on not lending on overpriced properties.  In short if you hire a good estate agent local to your home and are priced at the correct marketing price, you will sell!!

Anything else?


For answers to anymore questions you might have call into our Stonegate Road or Rawdon office where our experienced professional team will be delighted to advise you further.  Too busy?  Call or email us and we will be delighted to assist you that way too!  Rawdon, Leeds Road – 0113 288 8882 / North Leeds, Stonegate Road – 0113 2899 669


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