The Trinity Shopping Centre, a £350m 1 million sq ft shopping centre, with many mixed reviews the centre has caused a split debate. With its new bars and restaurants and opening of larger shops most people are pleased to see the lower part of Leeds city centre once again having some vibrancy, others however think that in opening the centre it has caused the closure of many shops on Commercial Street and Lands Lane, so rather than making Leeds more vibrant it seems there’s just been a shift around to leave a different part if town with several large units closed down.

Have you been yet?  What do you think of the centre?  Do you think it improves Leeds?  Do you think only new shops which weren’t already in Leeds should have been allowed in the centre?  After all the hype were you dissapointed?

Whatever the view we think the fact that Leeds is undergoing some much needed modernisation and improvement thus has to be a good thing.  The centre has also created 2,600 new jobs across the city.  Hopefully also with the new Leeds Arena due to open in later in 2013 it can only make Leeds a more vibrant city to leave in and hence improve property prices and make Leeds a more vibrant popular place to live.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the changes in Leeds.


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